Following the victory at the national level, SmartCat is going to participate in the grand finale of the PowerUp!” competition!

We are proud to announce that SmartCat has participated in the biggest regional and national startup PowerUp! by InnEnergy competition with the project Optimus Power and has won the first prize among the most prospective start-up companies in the region! This victory has strengthened our leading position in the data-science firm market in Serbia.

PowerUp! competition, the most significant start-up competition in Central and Eastern Europe, is organised as part of InnoEnergy Hub Serbia project, initiated by Startit. What is interesting is the fact that this competition supports projects in the following areas: energy industry, mobility, smart cities, heating and other solutions regarding clean technologies.

Our company presented itself with the Optimus Power project regarding software solution for improving the efficiency of the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and cooling systems). It is interesting to know that around 45% of the total energy is used in buildings in Europe. HVAC systems are one of the main consumers in them. If HVAC systems are optimised, it is possible to reduce the emission of electricity consumption from 20% to 40%. 

Our Optimus Power project came to life a year ago, when a company VPS as part of the European Data Incubator project, offered its data and posed several challenges, among which was more efficient HVAC system management. Our team of experts composed of Nina Marjanović (Data scientist), Stanko Kuveljić (Data Scientist), Sanja Hajduković (Project Lead), Dusan Randjelović (Senior Data Scientist) and Nenad Bozić (CEO) was one of the teams in the finale of the competition and was awarded a grant in the amount of €85,000.00 for its solution development.

Having won the national competition, we continue in the same manner and what is important for our company is the fact that we will be given the opportunity to appear in the grand finale on 21 May in Krakow and fight for the €50,000.00 prize and the €150,000.00 investment through a prestigious Highway investment programme.

We are very proud of the team and the hard work we have been doing!